One-click Provisioning

The Challenge

Manually deploying a new server, installing your business applications, and then configuring them takes time. If you have a large number of them to deploy, then you need to automate this process, not only to save labour hours but also to ensure quality through a repeatable process.

Our Solution

ComodIT is an integrated product which helps you rapidly install server environments. It automates all the required tasks so you do not have to apply in lots of commands and applications when rolling out new systems.

You first define a set of application templates and then detail your configuration needs using the ComodIT Web UI or the API. From that point, deploying a new server takes just one click and a few minutes.

Our provisioning solution supports deployment of physical servers, virtual machines (KVM, VMWare, Xen), on public clouds (Amazon, Rackspace) and private clouds (Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, Openstack).

Key Benefits

  • Optimise labour utilization and reduce cost through deployment automation
  • Reduce human errors by applying well defined and tested recipes
  • Ensure configuration compliance of all servers and applications based on most recent configuration details

Customer Cases