ComodIT is a powerful platform that can help you automate many different aspects of your infrastructure lifecycle. The solutions below are some of our most popular use-cases.


Prepare your infrastructure blueprint using the web client or the API, and let ComodIT deploy your complete infrastructure within minutes accross virtual and cloud platforms. Read More.

Configuration Management

Manage your hosts configuration from the web or the API, and let ComodIT apply the required changes for you. Maintain a complete documentation of your infrastructure and staying on top of your compliance. Read More.


Leverage the open REST API to integrate ComodIT with your own processes, orchestrating complex application scenarios. One API to manage infrastructure up to configuration files within the VM. Read More.

Disaster Recovery

Build, manage, and execute reliable Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). ComodIT descriptive approach makes it possible to re-deploy a complete infrastructure in one-click and within minutes for recovery or just testing your DRP whenever you need to evaluate it. Read More.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Manage your Public and Private clouds from a single dashboard. Re-using the same recipes and processes accross clouds. ComodIT support of Cloudstack, Eucalyptus and Openstack makes it the ideal Hybrid Cloud Management platform. Read More.

Continuous Delivery

Automate the deployment and management of your application; enabling continuous integration, testing and delivery of your application changes. Spawn a new testing or staging environment in one click for easy testing. Create portable environment on your laptop to easily develop within a production like setup.

Infrastructure Documentation

Maintain a complete and up-to-date documentation of your infrastructure configuration. Centralize documentation of platforms, servers, operating systems and application configuration. Maintain a history of changes, enabling easy roll-back and re-deployments of past versions. Read More.

IT Compliance & Auditing

Monitor your infrastructure for compliance with the documented states. Easily export ComodIT documented state inside your own compliance tools. Audit configuration changes. Read More.