Hybrid Cloud Management

The Challenge

The key idea behind the Hybrid Cloud concept is to seamlessly integrate a public cloud (such as Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Open Cloud) with a private cloud, giving you the flexibility to deploy machines in one or the other based on needs, costs, capacity, etc.

For example, you could keep core business applications on your premises, while you leverage the public cloud for short-lived testing and quality assurance deployments. Other usage scenarios include ‘cloud bursting’ where you leverage the public cloud to support a temporary burst in demand on your services.

Yet, to fully benefit from a Hybrid Cloud strategy, you must have a toolchain that enables you to seamlessly integrate both (or multiple) clouds. You don’t want to juggle between different management dashboards, user accounts, etc. In addition, you don’t want to maintain different automation scripts and recipes for each platform.

Our Solution

ComodIT can help you unlock the power of the Hybrid Cloud. Our solution provides a single pane of control spanning all your clouds (and your legacy virtual/physical environments). We make it seamless to re-deploy hosts from one cloud to another and even to re-deploy a complete environment on a different platform for disaster recovery or testing.

All this with consolidated identity management, auditing and compliance. In addition, our unique API enables you to orchestrate complex scenarios across cloud. Managing machines, applications and their configurations using the same API.

Key Benefits

  • Single pane of glass across your clouds
  • Avoid vendor lock-in, easily re-deploy hosts across clouds
  • Use a single service catalog across your legacy, private cloud and public cloud platforms