Disaster Recovery

The Challenge

Within actual IT infrastructure management solutions, duplicating the whole or part of an infrastructure for disaster recovery purpose is still a significant, complex and sometimes manual task prone to errors. Moreover the fail-over process of servers and applications is often poorly or not documented at all.

Our Solution

With ComodIT you build, manage and execute a reliable Disaster Recovery Plan.

Within ComodIT, all your infrastructure is completely documented. This knowledge of your servers and applications configurations can be used to re-deploy in minutes, and in one click, complete duplicated sites for recovery or for testing purposes.

This makes it also easy to test your DRP whenever you need to evaluate it. It also facilitates the communication, in particular in case of crisis thanks to a predictive recovery path and the always up to date documentation of your infrastructure.

Finally, ComodIT unique abstract layer allows you to re-deploy your infrastructure on a different platform without changing anything to your configurations. You are therefore free to move to another cloud provider, or from a physical to a virtual environment, when you activate your DRP.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate your infrastructure recovery and duplication with automated processes
  • Reduce business impact of a disaster by significantly improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Ensure reliable, repeatable, non disruptive and easy testing of your DRP
  • Maintain an always up-to-date documentation of the DRP infrastructure