IT Compliance & Auditing

The Challenge

Enterprise IT infrastructure have to follow many compliance and security requirements while in the same time, remaining agile. Whether they are simple internal documents, law or complex regulations, you have to ensure that you are in the expected state.

Having the appropriate controls in your infrastructure to prove that you are compliant with the expected state of infrastructure is usually a very complex task. And if you find yourself in a non-compliant state, time becomes your biggest enemy while you are trying to reconciliate your infrastructure with your compliance policy.

Our Solution

The initial process in ComodIT is to create your users, the organization and departments and decide what are their roles and access rights. You then decide which applications or services are available to then. You can also define the exact, repeatable and acceptable processes those applications have to follow to be deployed and managed within your organization.

As soon as you have deployed your infrastructure with ComodIT, compliance is automatically documented, and any deviation triggers a real-time alert which may then be escalated to the appropriate contact point.

If required, automatic and immediate reconciliation will enforce your applications or services to return in the proper recovered state as described within ComodIT.

Finally, ComodIT will improve the governance of your organization by reporting all the deviations and by tracking the changes. Audit dashboards are available for a single server or at the global organization level.

Key benefits

  • Identity management and access rights management for your users/roles
  • Track compliance deviations and any changes in real-time
  • Automatic reconciliation if your infrastructure is discovered non-compliant