Frequently Asked Questions

The following will be updated with questions frequently asked to our support. Feel free to send us an email if you think of a good question to add in this list.

Supported browsers

ComodIT is currently developped and tested against the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome. However, it should work on any modern browser, it just hasn’t been tested yet. Please let us know if you are using an unsupported browser and encouter some issues.

Why does the VNC console not work?

The VNC console requires that target VNC server is running and accessible by ComodIT i.e. the port it is listening to (generally in the range 5900-6000) must be open for IP address This may require you to configure your firewall and/or security groups on EC2, Openstack, etc.

There are 2 main reasons preventing the VNC console to work properly:

  1. ComodIT server cannot provide proper connection data,
  2. ComodIT is unable to connect to the VNC server.

If you have the error message Could not get VNC connection data from platform, you are in situation 1. If you have the error message Could not connect VNC console, you are in situation 2.

Situation 1 happens because:

  • platform’s driver does not support VNC (it is the case for ‘Physical’ driver),
  • driver could not retrieve hostname and/or port of the VNC server (Hypervisor/Cloud provider is not reachable, host’s instance is not running, etc.)

In latter case, check the state of your host instance, Hypervisor or Cloud provider.

Situation 2 happens because:

  • VNC server is not running,
  • VNC server is not reachable.

To solve this, you can install a VNC server and/or check your network configuration (do not forget to configure server’s firewall).

Note that the VNC console uses websockets which may not be well supported by your browser. If you think your browser is the problem, try latest release of Chrome or Firefox.

Finally, if your server is behind a firewall of any kind that was not configured properly (see above), you might get a console which displays nothing but a waiter spinning forever. In this case, configure your firewall as described above.

Feel free to contact our support if you have trouble solving your VNC issues.