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Introducing support for Rackspace and Debian pre-seed

08/08/2012 - Laurent Eschenauer Tags: comodit release

Over the last weeks, we have been working on extending ComodIT support of cloud providers and operating systems. Today we are happy to announce support for Rackspace Cloud Servers (both first and next-gen) and support for unattended install of Debian using preseed (yes, even on Rackspace and A...

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Re-deploy an Amazon EC2 host to Rackspace Cloud Servers

10/08/2012 - Laurent Eschenauer Tags: comodit screencast

Earlier this week we announced support for Rackspace Cloud Servers. A powerfull feature of ComodIT is the ability to seamlessly clone/move a server from one target platform to another. We've recorded a short screencast showing you how easy it is to re-deploy a host from Amazon EC2 to Rackspace. ...

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