ComodIT releases Centos 6.4 cloud images (AMI) for Amazon EC2

11/03/2013 - GĂ©rard Dethier (@gdethier)

As we did in the past for CentOS 6.3, we have just released a public CentOS 6.4 cloud image for Amazon EC2. These images are built using ComodIT in a way similar to what is described in this blog post. Note that the distribution described in step 2 of the post is available from the store (community distribution ‘CentOS 6 - Cloud Image Builder’ published by ‘Guardis’ organization).

This image is a vanilla, just enough, install with cloud-init. It follows the EC2 convention, meaning that root login is disabled, but you can log-in with the configured SSH keys as ec2-user and sudo access is available. The image is EBS backed and available in all regions, with the following AMI ID:

Using the same recipe, will enable you to build your own CentOS cloud image on your private cloud such as Cloudstack, Eucalyptus, and Openstack.

RegionAMI ID

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