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ComodIT releases Centos 6.4 cloud images (AMI) for Amazon EC2

11/03/2013 - Gérard Dethier Tags: ec2 centos

As we did in the [past](/2012/07/13/comodit-releases-centos-63-cloud-images-for-amazon-ec2) for CentOS 6.3, we have just released a public CentOS 6.4 cloud image for Amazon EC2. These images are built using ComodIT in a way similar to what is described in this [blog post](/2012/07/12/how-to-buil...

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Total Integration Testing for software development teams

13/03/2013 - Laurent Eschenauer Tags: -comodit -software development -testing

Every morning, I'm scanning through the emails of the night while sipping coffee. One of them always stands out, with its reassuring simplicity: **“Integration tests results – No errors”**. With just these few words, I know that our code can be built, passes its unit tests, can be packaged,...

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