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ComodIT Adds Support for Sydney EC2 Region

05/12/2012 - GĂ©rard Dethier Tags: ec2

In previous posts, we announced [the release of CentOS 6.3 AMIs](/2012/07/13/comodit-releases-centos-63-cloud-images-for-amazon-ec2) and we explained [how to execute a kickstart install](/2012/11/26/kickstarting-on-ec2) on Amazon EC2. Those were written before the arrival of [Amazon's new region ...

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Unlock the power of the Hybrid Cloud with ComodIT

18/12/2012 - Laurent Eschenauer Tags: -comodit -feature

Today we are happy to officially announce support for two of the most important open-source private clouds on the market: [Eucalyptus](/resources/tutorials/eucalyptus.html) and [Openstack](/resources/tutorials/openstack.html). Together with our already existing support for public clouds, this p...

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